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Speak with Presence

Speak with Presence

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Only available in the United States.

Price: $197.00

Would you like to Speak in front of an audience and get recorded, 8 to 10 minute raw video of you presenting and feedback from peers plus awesome networking wrapped in one.

Are you a speaker who wants to Rock your audience?

Do you have a great presentation and would like it recorded?

Do you want feedback on your presentation to take you to the next level?

Are you ready to step up and share your presentation with others for feedback, get recorded so you can see how you present?

If you want to take your presentation to the NEXT Level this is the group experience for you.

We are a group of people getting together to share their presentations with each other.

Peers and Facilitator will give positive feedback as well as what to improve on to Rock your audience.

Presentations can be professional, personal and or just have some fun.

Along with peer feedback you will be recorded for future review to see how you present in front of an audience.

Speaking tips to help you learn to relax in front of your audience, learn to breath and become centered before you enter the stage. Plus much more.