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"Janiece is a doll and an inspiration to so many!

I have heard Janiece speak as the Founder of Trust The Curves and she is a true professional.

She has lots of great personal experiences to share as part of her speaking engagements

and she is able to move her audience with her heartfelt words." ~Sharlene Douthit, Founder & CEO of Financially Fit Females

"Mrs. Rendon told her personal story without a script at The Story Project in January 2017.

Janiece has an authentic personality in the way she speaks. She speaks from the heart.

Janiece engages the audience to feel and hear their own stories of hope while she tells her story.

She brings laughter and joy to the room. She is a breath of fresh air and a joy to work with." ~Sharon Friedman, Producer: The Story Project

"Finally, a book that tells it like it is. Janiece is amazing in going from unemployed with no high school diploma to receiving not one, but TWO Master's Degrees. 'Resilience' doesn't even begin to describe the tenacity of Janiece Rendon. She has an amazing ability to kick bad luck right in the face, and come out shining on the other side." ~Tonja Waring, The Manifesting Mindset


"If you've ever thought, 'If only I knew then what I know now,' this book is for you. Through her personal stories and life lessons, Janiece Rendon shares strategies for living a more meaningful life and stepping into your greatness."

~Michelle Prince, Ziglar certified Speaker America's Productivity Coach Best Selling Author & Self Publishing Expert


"When first starting Janiece's book, I was compelled to travel back to my own childhood.

The book is written with Janiece's stories and then her life lessons, allowing the reader to not only enjoy her stories but to also allow us as a reader to simultaneously remember our journey. This made me feel happy."

~Suzi Nelson, Executive Director Countries and CrossRoads


"Janiece Rendon is one of the most, teachable, coachable professionals I have ever had the privilege and honor working with. She is willing to do the work and go the extra mile so she can help those who are placed in her life.

Her book will change your world and create a dynamic that will take you to where you were created to be.

Janiece is real. She is ready to take you to the next level."

~Beatice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life


"Janiece Rendon is a breath of fresh air. Not afraid to try something new or find a unique perspective,

Janiece is a committed loving, positive source of encouragement for her family, friends, and soon-to-be friends

(because if you need a friend, Janiece is there, she is a lover of people). She takes the lead by setting goals and making them happen, and builds others up with her words, photographs, and support.

She is a true blessing to those of us fortunate enough to know her."    

        ~Wendy Lawson Gold Ambassador, Plexus Worldwide


"Janiece Rendon is a beautiful human being with much to give.

Her humor, compassion and innate sense of integrity shine through in all her communications.

She is a wonderful teacher, coach and personal cheerleader.

I highly recommend any program Janiece has to offer as I know it will be fantastic!"

~Debby Stinson Marketing & PR Manager at Museum of Art/Washington State University


"You know that song called "This Little Light of Mine"?

Well I am convinced it was written about Janiece. This lady absolutely glows form within!

She is always singing and smiling - lighting up the room with her passion of life!"

~Cay B. Senior Risk Management Analyst


"I have been friends with Janiece for 17 years, during that time I have watched her shine light into darkness,

she stood up to her family when her nieces were being abused and brought them into her home to be her daughters. She stood tall and set her face like a flint to keep them safe and to give them a loving home.

She has brought so much joy into my life, and taught me about forgiveness and compassion through her testimony. I love and admire the women that she is how she steps out of her comfort zone

to speak the truth in love and this has helped me to also step out. Thank you Janiece." ~Cindy Schneider, MillerCoors Brewing Company


"Janiece has a compelling story of triumphing over every curve in life.

Her memoir is written from the heart, like everything else she does.

Her passion is to provide you or someone you know with the same hope

that she used back then to be happy and thriving today.

Only get her book if you want to get past the curves in your life!"

~Deana Bossio


"Janiece is a wonderful, thoughtful person who truly takes the time to listen to people and offer her encouragement and support. She can be counted on to have a bit of wisdom to share with everyone.

Thank you again and I wish you well in your new opportunities!" ~Melissa K.


"Janiece, thank you for your words of encouragement and your guidance,

I really appreciated the feedback and your positive attitude!

You will be missed around here!"

~Tina G., MillerCoors Brewing Company


"It was so great to meet you and hear your story this past weekend at Gary Barnes’ Bootcamp in Denver.

Your story has given me the courage to write my own book

and be an international best selling author by December 1, 2016.

I never thought that I would have that in me, but you showed me that anything is possible.

Thank you for sharing your story. You make an incredible impact on those around you.

 I look forward to seeing you in the future and keeping in touch along the way."

~Alyx Van Doren, #ISparkGreatness