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Janiece Rendon is an Inspirational Speaker who will touch your heart with passion while sharing her life and business secrets.

                   An author, professional speaker, professor and coach. Janiece's heart, humor and passion will fill the room with her inspirational

life stories of success,tenacity along with her powerful lessons that will impact your audience to want to take charge of their lives -

she will ignite their dreams and passions to help them unlock the door to step-in and rise to the next level.


* Janiece is known for being one of the easiest speakers to work with in the speaking industry.

* Janiece makes your job easy as she leaves your audience filled with hope to move to the next level.

* Janiece's passion for people and great true stories of hope,tenacity and fun inspire and deliver a message that is impactful and memorable.

* Janiece uses the power of story to help the audience want to move to the next level in life and business.

* Janiece's keynotes, breakouts or workshops are customized to fit your audience needs.

* Janiece's audience could range from 2 to over 5,000 attendees.

Janiece is an author. She is the author of Trust the Curves in Life - Janiece's personal story in Corporate

America of overcoming five layoffs from the same Fortune 500 Company, earning a dual master degree in Communication and Psychology

from a major University in Denver, Colorado. Then graduated from corporate at the ripe young age of 55. She was also co-authored in

two other books "Purpose Powered People" and "Remarkable Insider Secrets From Women Forty and Wiser."