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Laid Off? What Now? What's Next?

Laid Off? What Now? What's Next?

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Price: $47.00

Would you like to have key strategies to get you thru career transition & face uncertainty with confidence and purpose?

This group is filled with useful content for your job search and or change of career.

Like a mastermind you get to share a question or concerns for the group to address.

Practice job interview questions with the group. This is a place of resource to get you comfortable with asking questions, where, when and how do I find the job of my dreams. Share your fears in a safe environment and learn how to master your confidence. Learn how to ask with confidence. Learn how to ask for the raise. Learn how negotiate time off, a raise, paid education and much more.

This awesome group meets twice a month on Zoom. There is a monthly fee and a commitment of 6 months.

Janiece Rendon M. A., Transition Strategist is the facilitator for this group.

She has over twenty years experience in the corporate world. She owned her own barber shop when she was in her early twenties. She was laid off five times from the same fortune 500 company then retired at the ripe young age of 55 years old. She has the keys to keep you in the game. Lead you to find your dream job and love the process.

Janiece earned a dual master degree in communication and Psychology from a highly credited school. She also received four certificates to add to her resume while in school. She knows how to help you get the best of your education.