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DISC Assessment

DISC Assessment

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What is DISC?

DISC helps you do more than talk, it helps you connect! Connect with loved ones, business associates, potential clients, colleagues, your manager, in an interview etc. It helps you leverage and build upon your communication strategies.

DISC will help you understand how others perceive you and why; help reduce conflict, build and cultivate more dynamic and stronger teams, develop robust interpersonal relations, create effective management strategies and increase productivity.

DISC teaches us about the Platinum Rule - Treat others as THEY want to be treated! (Note the difference, it's not treat others as you want to be treated, it's about how they want to be treated) The Platinum Rule was coined by Dr. Tony Alessandra.

So... What is DISC exactly?

DISC is a 24 question assessment and can process over 19,000 individual responses and give over 380 different behavioral styles. DISC is about behavior, not skill, not values, not morals, not personality - it's about your behavior preferences. The entire assessment will take about 15minutes and you receive a customized report based on your responses. As you are learning more about yourself, you also learn how to identify the behavior styles of others.. Once you understand this, you have the key to better communication.

Tony Robbins says "The DISC (Index) will help you understand yoru behavior style and how to maximize your potential."

What does DISC mean?

D: Dominant, Directive, Decisive, Demanding - these folks emphasize overcoming opposition in order to accomplish results, they are the problem solvers, like challenges, are generally risk takers while tending to have a high ego and are vocal. D behavior types are motivated by immediate results, working in a change-oriented work culture, look for opportunities for advancement, and ...

I: Interactive, Influence, Interesting - these folks emphasize people, tend to be optimistic and outgoing are touchy-feely, quick witted, can influence or persuade others, are an idea generator and love to talk. I behavior types are motivated by social recognition, acceptance, and visibility in a group or organization, and ...

S: Steady Stable, Systematic - these folks emphasize an even pace, cooperation, have their feet on the ground, thrive on consistency, are loyal and hard-working and have high performance standards. S behavior types are motivated by having time to adjust to change, established procedures, supportive home life, want sincerity from peers ? colleagues, and ...

C: Compliant, Concise, Conscientious - these folks emphasize procedures, have constraint when making decisions, like things well planned out, create systems, value accuracy, are logical and follow the rules. C behavior types are motivated by controlled changes made only when necessary, a work environment with minimal pressure & hostility, sufficient time to consider all options and ...