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How many times have you had things go against you?

How many times have you given up? Each of us has faced adversity at one time or another.

Each of us have had to find our strength to move forward.

Janiece has an incredible fortitude for working her way out of adversity and making the best of a bad situation.


Janiece Rendon demonstrates perfectly how we can rise up from nearly impossible circumstances

and still manage to get exactly what we want out of life.

Although her grit and determination is enveloped in a sweet, sunshiny bundle of possibility,

make no mistake about it, Janiece is relentless in her pursuit of creating her life the way she wants it.


A great example was Janiece's ability to get her high school diploma (not her G.E.D.) when she was 34 years old!

Janiece wanted to attend college and realized she needed her high school diploma, which she didn't have.

(She had more than enough credits to graduate, however she was missing one-half credit in physical education

so they wouldn't give her a diploma.)


They told her there was nothing they could do for her.

She was too old to go back to high school. They told her she could get a G.E.D.


Well, Janiece believed she deserved her high school diploma, and she was not going to take NO for an answer.

She was too old to go back to high school, so she wrote a proposal with a plan to get the 1/2 credit required!

She logged in all her hours at the gym, and then had the gym sign off on it.

When she went to the school board with the hours she had been working out,

they finally accepted it for her 1/2 credit, and she received her high school diploma!


If you want to achieve more that what seems likely where you are today, then remember Janiece's



(Forgiveness, Attitude 'the right attitude', Choice, Trust and Step into your Greatness.)