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Janiece Rendon was born in Raton, New Mexico. Her parents divorced when she was 4 years old.

She was an only child from her mother. Janiece grew up in a small suburb in Northglenn, Colorado then moved to the big city of Denver, Colorado in 1978.


She was in her early 20's when she attempted her first entrepreneurship, her parents helped her open a barbershop in North Denver.

Although she was not mature enough to handle the shop, she had to close the doors in less than a year.

She then went to work for one of the top barbershops in West Denver "Avondale Barbers".

After a couple of years she wanted more and began her search towards corporate.


She spent thirty plus years at a major fortune 500 company when her family and friends told her she would never get on full time with this company.

She began her journey in production then graduated thirty some years later from Water Resources and Real Estate.

Her journey was not an easy journey, it took her almost two years before she was hired full-time.

She was laid off five times from the same company but managed to get rehired before her vacation ran out.

She took advantage of tuition reimbursement and let them pay for her education.

She went from no high school diploma to earning  

 a dual Master of Arts degree in Communication and Psychology.

She was able to graduate from Corporate at the ripe young age of 55 to follow her passion and dreams.


Her second attempt as an Entrepreneur is a success! She is the Founder of Trust the Curves Speaking and Consulting business.


Janiece is also an Adjunct Professor in the Communication department at a local University in Denver, Colorado.

She also inspires others through her Keynotes, Training, Play and Learns along with private coaching.

She is an avid photographer and makes daily Face book posts on her journey of "Walking with Janiece."